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32 week update!

How far along are you? 32 weeks and 1 day! Blake is probably sucking on her thumb and sprouting some hair! Soon she will start to rotate into birthing position for the big day!

How are you feeling? Overall, still doing pretty good but I am feeling more uncomfortable these days. I think my sciatica is acting up too cause I get sharp pains down the back of my leg.

How big is baby? Blake is now the size of  a Florida Pomelo!  She is close to 18 inches and weighs about 4 lbs.


Sleep: Getting a little harder to find a comfy position. I have also been waking up around 2 most nights and have not been falling back asleep until about 4 or 5.

Cravings? chocolate chip cookies! =)

Milestone: Did my first load of baby items to be washed! I have washed the bedding for her bassinet and washed some items for me to wear at the hospital. Hospital bag is in the process of being completed!

Maternity Clothing: Got a few new sweaters and ordered some nursing tops as well.

Movement: Her movements have turned more into rolls and bumps versus true kicks.

What I’m looking forward to: Seeing what this childbirth class is all about and getting our maternity pictures taken!

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