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30 week update!

How far along are you? 30 weeks and 1 day! Blake’s lanugo might be falling off as she inches closer to delivery day. Blake is going to start putting on up to a half a pound each week until she is born.

How are you feeling? Still feeling really good! Starting to experience some discomfort here and there when moving around but just a reminder for me to move more slowly! =)

How big is baby? Blake is now the size of  a cantaloupe!  She is over 17 inches tall and weighs about 3.5 lbs.



Sleep: Starting to get a little uncomfortable when changing sleeping positions but overall still sleeping through the night, minus bathroom breaks!

Cravings? My cravings come and go but I still like tomato soup w/ grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies!

Milestone: We got to see our beautiful baby girl in a 3D ultrasound! She was a little uncooperative at first because she was basically folded in half and covered her face with her legs and arms! But after some walking around and a sweet snack she changed positions and let us get a peek at her sweet face. Think she is going go to be a mini-mommy as she seems to have my nose! Her feet and hands are adorable too!

Maternity Clothing: Got me some Jessica Simpson maternity jeans and I love them! Officially in maternity pants (unless wearing yoga pants) but can still wear my normal size in tops.

Movement: Starting to feel more of her rolling and changing positions over actual kicks. She also gets the hiccups quite a bit!

What I’m looking forward to: Touring the maternity ward this weekend!

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