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22 week update!

How far along are you? 22 weeks and 1 day! Blake spends most of her day resting as I rock her to sleep with movement of my day to day activities. When she isn’t sleeping she is trying to touch anything she can. Whether it’s her face, body or umbilical cord, she is working on her physical abilities and motor skills by practicing movement and getting a feel for things.

How are you feeling? Still feeling good and taking daily naps when I can!

How big is baby? Blake is now the size of corn on the cob!  She is measuring roughly 12 inches long and weighing approx 1 pound!



Sleep: Alternate sleeping on left and right side. Haven’t purchased a snoogle body pillow yet but maybe in the near future!

Cravings? So I’ve been putting more thought into cravings and realized it doesn’t have to be something I want all the time just something I like to eat often. After looking at it that way I would have to say my main craving would be Panera Bread tomato soup and grilled cheese! I get it for lunch at least once a week and I even have it delivered when I am nannying because they are right down the street!

Milestone: I was asked for the first time by a stranger if I was pregnant over the weekend! It turns out she is pregnant as well with a girl and due a few days before me!

Maternity Clothing: I made my first maternity purchase by finding an awesome deal on maternity leggings. They are oh so comfortable! The shirts are still a little to big for me so I’ve just been wearing my regular clothes and they have been accentuating my bump beautifully.

Movement: Haven’t been feeling her move quite as much but that’s probably because I’ve been rocking her to sleep with all my movement!

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling her kick for the first time and getting her furniture and glider hopefully by the end of the week!

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