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12 Week Update!

How far along are you? 12 weeks and 5 days! Baby M is starting to develop reflexes as his brain continues to grow and become more complex, and he is using the greater command he has over his body to curl his fingers and toes.

How are you feeling? Still feeling great despite the seasonal allergies! =)

How big is baby? Baby M is the size of an apricot and measuring over 2 inches long.


Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, go back and forth between sleeping on my stomach and side.

Cravings? Still haven’t had any weird cravings. Though I have developed new love for Bojangles chicken biscuits!! I also am loving my cheddar Sun Chips and Bad Daddy’s salad!! =)

Milestone: Heard baby M’s heartbeat for the first time today! It was the most beautiful sound in the world! =) We are also thrilled to announce that baby M is…. (drum roll please) a healthy baby GIRL!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: My baby bump getting bigger and buying cute girl clothes and accessories. I’ve already started, Nicks in trouble! =)



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