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10 Week Update

How far along are you? 10 weeks and 2 days! Baby M is beginning to develop tiny human features like peach fuzz, the buds of baby teeth, elbows and other joints that bend.

How are you feeling? Still very fortunate to be feeling great minus some coughing from seasonal allergies. Thankfully I can take claritin to help relieve the symptoms and my appetite is starting to come back full force! I could eat a full meal and a few hours later be starving as if I never ate!

How big is baby? Baby M is the size of kumquat at about 1 1/4 inches long.


Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, go back and forth between sleeping on my stomach and side.

Cravings? Still haven’t had any weird or gotta have cravings. I go through periods where certain things sound really good like doughnuts or chicken! Lately I have been all about fruit and and enjoy eating ice cream because it is cold.

Milestone: Starting to develop a slight baby bump!

What I’m looking forward to: Our next doctors appointment. I’m hoping to hear the heartbeat and possibly have another ultrasound done.

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